Aashirvaad Atta Flour 10kg


Aashirvaad Atta Flour 10kg


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About the Product:
AASHIRVAAD Shudh Chakki Atta helps you make soft, fluffy whole wheat rotis for your family. It is authentic and pure atta made which undergoes the 4-Step Advantage Process which involves sourcing, cleaning, grinding, and packaging.

Nutritional Values Per 100g:

Carefully selected golden amber whole wheat grains are sourced, cleaned, and ground to create AASHIRVAAD Shudh Chakki Atta. A unique nutrition-lock packaging technology is used to preserve the goodness of whole wheat in AASHIRVAAD Shudh Chakki Atta. It contains 100% whole wheat atta and 0% Maida.

Weight 10 kg

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