Sugar Cane ~500g


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About the Product:
There are 37 species of sugar cane throughout the globe. The cane is native to tropical areas of Asia and grows in the form of tall and fibrous perennial grass with a thick and dense stem. Sugar cane can grow to heights of six meters in total.
The cane is believed to be cultivated in 110 countries with the largest producer in the world being Brazil, flowed by India. Through the processes of milling and refining, the cane is turned into sugar.

Nutritional Values Per 100g:

Total FatΒ 0 g
Saturated FatΒ 0 g
Trans FatΒ 0 g
CholesterolΒ 0 mg
SodiumΒ 0 mg
PotassiumΒ 0 mg
Total CarbohydrateΒ 4 g
Dietary FiberΒ 0 g
SugarΒ 4 g
ProteinΒ 0 g

Sugar Cane

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